GrandViz offers our client Smart Home Solutions to control the home environment focusing on Security and Protection of the Assets, Enhancing the lifestyle and Saving Energy. Our technology controls Lighting Fixtures, Electrical Switch and sockets, Thermostat, Curtain Blinds, Audio Video System, Network device, Door, Window etc. The automation system conducts many functions automatically comforting the residents.

Our value proposition is to deploy solutions that can be automatically able to detect the presence, weather conditions and other criteria to change the atmosphere according to the person’s preference.

Smart Lighting Solution

Smart Lighting Solution can help you to remotely control your lights, scheduling the Lights to turn On/Off, changing the intensity of the lights. The lights with the smart motion sensors can help you to save energy by switching off the lights automatically when there are no movement.

Smart Sensor

Motion Sensor uses PIR induction technology to detect movement. Smart motion sensors detect movement in and around your home. A smart motion sensor can automatically turn the lights on when it senses you enter a room, can send you an alert if an intruder is attempting to enter your home. Motion sensors helps your home to be smarter and safer.

Smart Climate Control

Smart Cooling system helps you to set your home environment at the perfect temperature you want. Forgot to turn off the AC, you can remotely switch off your AC and Save energy while you are not at home. The Smart sensors can help to turn on your AC system automatically when you reach home.

Smart Curtain / Blind Solution

Smart Curtain Blind can be automatically scheduled to open and close. With the help of the other smart home devices the curtain can trigger the lights, Air Condition to be On/Off. Remotely control your curtain blinds to Open/Close from your mobile.

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